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Job Openings


As an appointed position by the DLYHA Board of Directors, you are a representative of the general hockey public, working in the best interest of the entire youth organization on behalf of the association’s board.

Key Competencies:

  • Ability to collaborate and interact with people

  • Ability to negotiate and resolve conflict, provide constructive feedback

  • Good / advanced computer skills including email and word processing is required

  • Ability to maintain inventory, track financials of the concession stand


The concession stand manager(s) are accountable to organize and drive the events which improve the financial profitability of the youth hockey association. The responsibilities of the concession stand manager are:

  • Order, track, and stock all inventory

  • Keep machines in working order - Order repairs when needed, gain approval from board if necessary.

  • Contribute required time, which includes evenings and weekends – open concessions one hour before games involving out of town teams and closing the last game of the day.

  • Ensure all volunteers know how to operate all equipment, food preparation requirements and clean up procedures, ensure workers are following concession guidelines

  • Verify scheduled workers arrive for shift - Make sure volunteers sign in upon arrival to check against concession deposits at year end. Workers who don’t show up will have their checks cashed.

  • Work with DIBS Manager and Team Managers when needed to ensure scheduled workers at showing up at assigned times

  • First point of contact for all teams’ questions, comments and concerns regarding concession matters.

  • Required to attend monthly association meetings to provide consistent and regular communications to the board.

  • Maintain cash for change in concessions for cash drawers prior to opening

  • Collecting and depositing money from concessions to designed bank – deliver bank deposit slips to treasurer for recording purposes.

**Other Duties as Assigned**