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Job Openings

Ice Scheduler

This position procures ice time from the City of Detroit Lakes to support the operation of the association and for the allocation and use of the ice (subject to Board approval).


  • Develop recommended policies for ice allocation to the board for approval.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with area arena managers and officials.
  • Has overall responsibility for scheduling team practices and games.
  • Attends the District 15 scheduling meetings.
  • Updates schedule and communicates updates.
  • Provide reports to the board regarding ice utilization.
  • Review all practice/game schedules.
  • Review ice usage reports (use to budget).
  • Contribute required time which will include weekends and evenings.
  • May be required to drive to required locations, i.e. arenas, meetings, storage shed, etc.


  •  Personal computer with word processing capabilities/tools.
  • E-mail capability, required to maintain and interact via email regularly.
  • Cellular phone or voice mail.
  • Positive attitude, great interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with many people.
  • Self-motivated and takes initiative.
  • Ability to negotiate,  resolve conflict, and provide constructive feedback.
  •  Attend all Board meetings and other meetings related to the association as necessary.

Time Commitment:
This is a 9-month position that requires the needed time requirement to make schedules work based on the time of year and current level of activities.

$2,000 per season

DIBS Manager

As an appointed position by the DLYHA Board of Directors, you are representative of the general public, working in the best interest of the entire youth hockey organization on behalf of the association’s board.

Key Competencies:

  • Ability to collaborate and interact with people.

  • Ability to negotiate and resolve conflict, provide constructive feedback

  • Good / advanced computer skills including email, word processing and excel or spreadsheet management are required

The DIBS manager(s) are accountable to drive the events which improve the financial profitability of the youth hockey association through volunteer hours.

The responsibilities of the DIBS Manager include:

  • Collect all DIBS check prior to the beginning of the season, report to the Hockey Director (Team Managers when assigned) of any families that have not turned in checks.

  • Work with Scheduler, concession manager, and gaming staff to make sure all DIBS shifts are listed in SportsEngine App.

  • Work with Registrar to determine the number of DIBS assigned to each family at the start of the season and ensure all families turn in DIBS checks.

  • Monitor DIBS sign-ups, work with team managers and coaches to fill open shifts.

  • Main point of contact for parents/families regarding DIBS (volunteer) program.

  • Responsible for ensuring all shifts are filled.

  • Work with Treasurer at the end of the season to cash checks of families that did not fulfill their
    DIBS requirements.

  • Regularly report DIBS to the Board of Directors, including any families that have missed shifts or have completed extra shifts.