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DLYHA Registration Info


DL Youth Hockey Registration will be on September 9th from 6pm-8pm at the Hockey Arena.




  • You will be required to print off and return completed the Registration Check Off List attached below.
    • When you show up for registration on September 9th, you can register for a prize drawing by placing your completed check off list into the drawing bin at registration.


  • Your registration fee will cover all Skate Sharpening throughout the Year.  More details available at Hockey Registration
  • Raffle Tickets:  Mites and above will sell 2 booklets per player ($400 hold check per player) and Termites will sell 1 booklet of tickets ($200 hold check per player)
  • You will be able to Pay ONLINE when you register for DL Youth Hockey this year.  
    • You will be able to choose to pay in 2 different increments if you so choose
    • You will still be allowed to bring in checks during Registration
  • We will no longer accept Cash for any registration fees or holds. 
    • a receipt will be given to you for any checks turned in on the night of registration
  • Equipment Handout will happen during hockey registration at the Hockey Arena - upstairs in Arena 2

Levels and Fees

Below are the Levels we are offering this year and the fees associated:

  • Termites - $100  (Anyone 6 or under that isn't a MITE is in this level)
  • Mites - $200

  • Squirts - $500

  • PeeWee - $575

  • Bantams - $700

  • U12 - $500

NOTE: Any First Year Player 9 or under - Registration is Free

2018-2019 Level Birth-date Designation

Bantam 7/1/2003 6/30/2005
PeeWee 7/1/2005 6/30/2007
Squirt 7/1/2007 6/30/2009
Mite 7/1/2009 6/30/2011
Termite / LTS >7/1/2011
U12 Girls 7/1/2005 6/30/2007

2018 - 2019 Registration Instructions

Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 Detroit Lakes Youth Hockey Registration

Below are the Registration Instructions and the fee schedule for the upcoming year.

Registration instructions are listed below.  I have also listed  the Fee Structure for this year.
Registration will take place on September 9th from 6pm-8pm

1. Register your child at USA Hockey

  • Go to
  • Under "Membership" select "Register Now"
    • Follow the instructions to complete USAHockey Registration for each player
  • Be sure to PRINT and SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USA Hockey. Each player must have their own unique USA Hockey confirmation number.


2. Complete the Detroit Lakes Youth Hockey Registration

  • Go To:  The online DL Youth Hockey Registration 
    • NOTE: If you get hung up on any page of the registration, hit "F5" and then continue. (this will just refresh your page and allow you Save and Continue again)
  • PAYMENT - This year you will have the option to pay online if you wish.  The registration site will walk you through your options.  
    • You will also be able to pay via check at Registration on September 9th (No Cash will be accepted) - you will have an option during your checkout process to select "Pay Offline"

NOTE: First Year Players 9 or under have free registration (Just choose to pay offline in your shopping cart and we will waive your registration fee during Open Registration on September 9th)

  • Registration Fees - 
    • Termites - $100

    • Mites - $200

    • Squirts - $500

    • PeeWee - $575

    • Bantams - $700

    • U8 - $500

NOTE: Please make sure to follow through all steps of the process – you will have an option to Pay via Check by selecting “Pay Offline” in your Shopping Cart.

  • Once you have completed the DL online Registration, you will receive a confirmation email per child registered.


3. Fees/Holds for registration (Fees listed below)

Please bring with you the 3 checks required for registration

  • Raffle Ticket Hold - $200 per booklet
    • Each Player will receive booklets of raffle tickets that must be sold to help raise money for the DL Youth Hockey Program and to help keep costs down.
    • Termite players will only be required to sell 1 booklet of raffle tickets, all other levels will be required to sell 2 booklets per player.
    • Concession Stand Hold - $200.00
      • Every player's family from Mite up, is required to volunteer in the concession stand during games.
      • This check will not get cashed unless it is determined that your family has not shown up for volunteer times
  • Registration Fees - (If you did not pay online) 

NOTE: First Year Players 9 or under have free registration (Just choose to pay offline in your shopping cart and we will waive your registration fee)

  • Termites  - $100  

(Any child 6 or under who isn't a Mite, falls into this category)

  • Mites - $200

  • Squirts - $500

  • PeeWee - $575

  • Bantams - $700

  • U8 - $500

4. Birth Certificate (if you are new to DLYHA)
  • If you are New to DLYHA you will be required to bring a copy of a “legal” birth certificate (not hospital issued certificate) to the registration at the DL Hockey Arena.

5. Come to Open Hockey Registration on SEPTEMBER 9th from 6-8pm (REQUIRED)

On the day of Registration:

  1. Proceed to Hockey Rink 1
    • If you didn't bring your Check Off List - Pick one up for one of our volunteers
  2. Have you Registered Online with both USA Hockey & DL Youth Hockey?
    • If the answer is No - Proceed to the Online Registration Table to complete Online Registration (You will see computers)
  3. Pick Up Raffle Tickets from Shaun King - he will have a station table where tickets can be picked up and Hold Checks can be dropped off
    • Get your Check Off List "Checked"
  4. Go to Registration Table
    • Drop off Payment (If you didn't pay online), & Concession Hold Checks
    • Get your Check Off List "Checked"
    • Pick Up Player Level information
    • Pick Up First weeks Schedule
    • Pick Up Player Agreement (To be signed by player and brought back to the Team Meeting after teams are chosen)
    • Pick Up Parent Agreement (To be signed by parent and brought back to the Team Meeting after teams are chosen)
    • Pick Up DL Youth Hockey Booklet
  5. Proceed to Equipment Rental Table - if needed
  6. Proceed to Warm Up Ordering Table - Order your Warm Ups for this year
    • We will have samples available
  7. Drop off Check Off List at the "Drop" Table to enter your name into a drawing. 
    • Winners will be notified by email.

If you have any questions on registration, please contact Amy Denardo at 218-849-9659 or email at 

Amy Denardo

DL Youth Hockey Registrar

Phone: 218-849-9659

All Documents (Downloads)

Further Details on Held Checks


 Refundable Raffle Tickets:  $200/Booklet

All levels will be required to pay the raffle ticket deposit.  Each family will be required to sell 2 ($200) books per child with a limit of 6 books per family if more than 3 players. Termites will be required to sell only 1 ($200) book. Raffle ticket deposit checks will be cashed if tickets are not sold.

Held Concession Deposit Check:  $200 / Family

There is a $200.00 concession deposit.  Everyone  will be required to work in the concession stand, no exceptions. 

Managers will receive a list of games and times where their team will be required to work at the concession stand

Your check will not be cashed unless you do not show up for your concession stand duties

At the end of the year ALL Checks are destroyed (March 2018)



Skate Free

Registration Fee waived for skaters new to DLYHA 9 years and under OR new 10U Girls 

Family Discount

10% discount on Registration Fees for families with 3 or more skaters participating during season

Calculation Worksheet




(See above)



$400 /Per Player




Skater #1




Skater #2




Skater #3




Skater #4




  Total (Check #1) Total (Check #2) Total (Check #3)

Raffle Tickets / Ice Times / Skate Sharpening / Equipment Rental

Raffle Tickets:  You will receive your Raffle Tickets either at the Open Registration.  You MUST pick up your tickets at registration.
(Call Shawn at 507-830-1456 with any Raffle Ticket questions)

Ice Schedule: You will be receiving an email with the updated ice times once they have been finalized.  We will also post these on the DL Youth Hockey Website.

Skate Sharpening: Skate sharpening is included this year with your paid registration fees.

Equipment Rental: Equipment Handout will be DURING REGISTRATION  from 6p-8pm at the Hockey Arena  (Rink 1)

We WILL be handing out equipment the night of registration.

Hockey equipment can be rented from the DL Youth Hockey Association.  We have Skates, Helmets, Breezers, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads and Shin Pads available for rent.  We do not provide Mouth Guards or Hockey Sticks.  Equipment can be rented for $50 with a reffundable hold of $250 (check).  .

Amy Denardo

DL Youth Hockey Registrar

Phone: 218-849-9659