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DLYHA Concessions Schedule

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Opening this spreadsheet will allow you to enter in the names of those assigned to work. Updates will by synced back to the website every 5-7 minutes.

DLYHA Concession 2016-17


Hello DLYHA Families! Let us introduce ourselves, we are Troy & Abby Pettit and this will be our first year as Concession Managers. We want to thank Mike & Barb Denardo for all their hard work over the last several years as they took on the role. We are thankful for all the hours they put into the concession stand!


There will be some menu changes this season, and as we strive to meet the goal of raising money for DLYHA, we also want to keep things simple and easy for our parent volunteers in the concession stand. If at any time, you have suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us.


Each family will be required to work in the concession stand during the hockey season. The amount of shifts each family will need to work will depend on the number of skaters they have in DLYHA. Once we get numbers of those registered with DLYHA, we will communicate the number of shifts to each team manager.


A blank concession schedule will be handed out at each team meeting to all team managers at the beginning of the season. These schedules will need to be filled in and completed byNovember 1st and returned to the Concession Managers. Each team will have a designated concession contact, which can also be the team manager if that is what your team chooses. The concession contact will be in charge of their team concession schedule.


Please be considerate to all families that put in their time. We must work together to keep things running smooth. We all must be respectful and responsible. Not showing up for your scheduled shifts put more pressure on the other volunteers. All no shows will have their concession checks cashed. We understand that last minute changes happen, but no contact with your team manager or concession manager will result in your check being cashed. Please communicate any changes that need to be made with your team manager.


We hope everyone is looking forward to a new season! When schedules are complete, we will have them posted on the web site for easy access.


We appreciate all you do for DLYHA!

Troy & Abby Pettit